The Development Bank of Rwanda Awarded a BB rating from Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI)

PRESS RELEASE : The Development Bank of Rwanda Awarded a BB rating from Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI)
The Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI) has awarded Development Bank of Rwanda a rating of BB following the recent peer review of its member institutions held in 2021. The BB rating in 2021 achieved by the Bank is a significant improvement from B+ rating in 2020.
The Development Bank of Rwanda has always been among the African development financial institutions to undergo peer review by having its governance and operational practices assessed under the AADFI prudential standards.
The assessment covered governance, financial prudential standards and operational standards in which BRD scored weighted overall score of 94 per cent.
Since 1967, the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) Plc. has been the leading provider of long-term investment loans to projects in the priority sectors of the Rwandan economy including Digital Economy, Exports & Manufacturing, Education, Renewable Energy, Affordable Housing, and Special Projects.
Among BRD’s significant impact projects are:
• REF: Rwanda Energy Fund which aims to solar power 400,000 Rwandan homes,
• IWANJYE: Rwanda Housing Finance Project (RHFP) which aims to provide credit lines for affordable housing for Rwandans making between 200,000 RWF – 1,200,000 RWF
• EGF: Export Growth Fund which is directed towards Rwandan manufacturers.
• JYAMBERE: A financial scheme directed for loan repayment for business and job creation mechanisms in refugee host communities in Rwanda through Participating Financial Institutions.
• MINUZA which is BRD’s innovative digital system to facilitate student bursary registrations, disbursement and loan repayment.
This award is an excellent example of BRD’s commitment to render its mandate for growth beyond recovery through the BRD’s product line in Loan, Leasing, Equity, Guarantee Funds, Trade Finance Advisory Services and Lines of Credit.
This international recognition is credited to BRD’s financing partners, expert employees, and nationwide stakeholders who continue to empower Rwanda’s development.

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