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Iganze Muhinzi Mworozi - CDAT

What is Iganze Muhinzi Mworozi?​

Iganze Muhinzi Mworozi – CDAT Commercialization and De-Risking for Agricultural Transformation project was conceived as a solution to the agriculture sector with target beneficiaries of Rwanda-based Agri-entrepreneurs, farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, commercial farmers, and Agriculture MSMEs. The total project size is US$300 Million to be implemented by the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Board (RAB) and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), from April 2022 to April 2027.

BRD manages the subsidized credit line under the project of Scaling Up Agriculture Finance – US$15 Million. The credit line is accessible to BRD investment clients directly and through partnering commercial banks, MFIs, and SACCOs. This targets end-projects in agriculture production, postharvest, and livestock by farmers and farmers’ organizations.

CDAT in Agriculture

Financial Terms

All value chains in agriculture are eligible for investment and/or working capital facilities under the following terms:

  • Lending max: FRW 540 Million (this does not apply to PFIs).
  • Interest Rate: Blended with your financial institution (90% of the loan at 8% and 10% at the market rate).
  • Tenor: up to 10 years.
  • A possible grace period of up to 3 years.
  • Access to a partial credit guarantee through the Business Development Fund(BDF)

Eligible Activities

Procurement of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seeds, land preparation such as first ploughing or tilling, harrowing/levelling, labor for harvest, mechanization, irrigation, etc. Production crops include irish potatoes, maize, bananas, coffee, rice, beans, horticulture, sweet potatoes, chili, organic manure production, vegetables, sugarcane, irrigation, etc.

Handling, sorting, drying, conditioning and storage facilities, harvest equipment, etc…

Dairy, piggery, poultry, feeding, shelts construction for animal, animal feeding, fishing, aquaculture, etc.

Beneficiaries & Criteria

  • Farmers: Farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, commercial farmers, and micro, small-, and medium-sized agri-enterprises (Agri-MSMEs).
  • MSMES: Business with annual turnover of Rwf3 Billion and below.
  • Businesses: Registered businesses under RCA and/or RDB.

Participating Financial Institutions

  1. RIM Ltd, contact them via ingenieurbeata@gmail.com, and 0788747405
  2. Umutanguha Finance, contact the SME and Corporate Relationship Manager via 0788384760 and alex.rudasingwa@ufinance.co.rw
  3. Goshen Finance, contact Charles Ndahimana via cndahimana@goshenfinance.rw, and 0788309216
  4. Bank of Kigali Plc., contact the Head of Agriculture via 0788319101 and  abizimana@bk.rw
  5. CPF INEZA (Non-Umurenge Sacco), contact them via uchantaly@gmail.com
  6. Equity Bank Rwanda Plc., contact the Manager of Agriculture Portfolio at 0788513057 and manaseh.manirakinga@ebsafrica.onmicrosoft.com
  7. BPR Bank, contact the Regional Business Manager via 0788309364
  8. Inkunga Finance, contact them via 0788685877 and info@inkungafinance.com
  9. SACCO Terimbere Shyogwe
  10. Icyerekezo Masaka SACCO

Get Started Today

Are You a Business Enterprise?

  • Request letter
  • 5 years Business Plan
  • RDB or RCA certificate & other legal documents
  • Self-declaration of multiple borrowings in other banks (locally or internationally)
  • Audited financial reports or management accounts of last 2 years
  • Bank statement of last one year
  • Tax Clearance
  • Insurance policy
  • Asset valuation reports
  • Environmental Impact assessment (EIA)
Note: Documents vary on case-by-case basis. BRD may request additional documents and/or forego some of the mentioned documentation based on the risk appetite in the borrower.

Are You a Participating Financial Institution?

  • Application letter signed by the PFI with the list of pipelines (pipeline format to be shared). .
  • Audited financial statements meeting IFRS standards for at least three previous years.
  • A copy of the bank’s operating license.
  • Names of its significant owners holding more than 10% of shares. Summary information for each significant owner including connected parties – individuals or other companies.
  • Organizational chart and governance structure. Names of and brief profiles of senior managers.
  • Risk management related committees and bodies.
  • Copy of policies, procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (or Operations Manual) related to lending and credit risk management; a copy of the bank’s ESMS and the focal person.
  • Set up and/or operationalization of the grievances redress mechanism and a dedicated focal staff.
  • Quarterly financial reports (Recent quarter).
Note: PFIs will receive Technical Assistance (TA) support mainly through consultants to strengthen their projects/ business appraisals, management skills, new product design and research, various pieces of training/coaching for identified gaps, etc. There will be no TA fund will be given to PFIs.

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