Special Project - PSPE
Commercialization and De-Risking for Agricultural Transformation

What is CDAT?

CDAT – Commercialization and De-Risking for Agricultural Transformation project was conceived as a solution to the agriculture sector with target beneficiaries of Rwanda-based Agri-entrepreneurs, farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, commercial farmers, and Agriculture MSMEs. The total size project is US$300 Million to be implemented by the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Board (RAB) and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD).
BRD will manage the subsidized credit line under the project of Scaling Up Agriculture Finance – US$15 Million. The credit line will be to BRD direct investment clients and through Partners Financial Institutions (commercial banks, MFIs, and SACCOs). The line will be for end-projects in agriculture production and postharvest by farmers and farmers’ organizations, and will be used for any commodities and businesses related to the agriculture sector, animal production, and livestock from which potential financing opportunities will be introduced to the PFIs.
CDAT in Agriculture


Procurement of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seeds, land preparation such as first ploughing or tilling, harrowing/levelling, labor for harvest, mechanization, irrigation, etc.

Post-harvest ​

Handling, sorting, drying, conditioning and storage facilities, harvest equipment, etc…

Animal Production & Livestock

Diary, piggery, poultry, feeding, shelts construction for animal, animal feeding, fishing, etc.

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The funds are accessible through your respective commercial banks, Microfinance Institutions, SACCOs and BRD.

Beneficiaries & Criteria

  • Farmers: Farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, commercial farmers, and micro, small-, and medium-sized agri-enterprises (Agri-MSMEs).
  • MSMES: Business with annual turnover of Rwf3 Billion and below.
  • Businesses: Registered businesses under RCA and/or RDB.

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Jean Paul Nzatumukuze