Talent Management become a priority for BRD due to a shortage in skilled staff and the Talent Management strategies facilitate the development of both individual staff and the Bank by identifying employees with talent and ensuring that they receive the support required. Through talent management the Bank will strive to accurately cover the areas of most concern.

Workforce Planning: Integrated with the business plan, this process establishes workforce plans, hiring plans, compensation budgets, and hiring targets for the year 2016.
• Recruiting: Through an integrated process of recruiting, assessment, evaluation, and hiring the Bank will increase its head count to 169 by the end of the 2016;
• Training and Development: The Bank will provide learning and development programs to all levels of employees. This function itself is evolving into a continuous support function. Hard (Core Business Related) and Soft training will be conducted to improve the skills of Staff and Management;
• Performance Management: The Bank intends to acquire a robust PMS that encourages creativity and innovations, not only count “doing” (efficiency), but also measure “thinking” (innovation & effectiveness) performance. The system should be sustainable and easily monitored at constant intervals to ensure robustness. It should strongly encourage employees self-evaluation be clear on measuring what it intends to measure and help if broken down in quarters and then combined at the end of the period.