As the Government of Rwanda’s investment arm, BRD’s financial development objectives focused on the priority sectors of the economy. It aimed at becoming the first stop for all long term investments into Rwanda’s key sectors and to be the prime driver of viable private sector investments.

BRD has long been and is still the main financier of medium and long term investments, with a market share of 40%. It also has a stellar record in honoring credit lines, in financing high risk sectors and a strong debut in microfinance.

BRD plans to inject Rwf 160 billion into the Rwandan economy over 2010-2014 and grow its portfolio from Rwf 36.1 billion in 2009 to over Rwf178 billion in 2014. The bulk of these resources will focus on stimulating economic growth, accelerating Rwanda¡¦s development agenda and reducing poverty. This investment will create nearly 150,000 jobs which will impact livelihoods on more than 1,000,000 people.

BRD want to confirm its triple role of being “Financier, Advisor and Partner), by setting up two subsidiary companies which are BRD Advisory Services (BAS) and BRD Advisory Services (BDF). Whereas BRD will continue to develop the country through direct investments, BAS and BDF will offer advisory services and Fund management services respectively for a sustained momentum of SME development.

The Bank will also diversify its portfolio by financing real estate and developing trade finance facilities.

BRD wants to build a customer care culture by always anticipating and meeting the client expectations, and bringing its services closer to the customer by setting up four branches in Kayonza (Eastern Province), Musanze (Northern Province), Karongi (Western Province), and Huye (Southern Province).