The Bank provides short, medium and long term investment loans to projects in the priority sectors of the Rwandan economy – particularly Agriculture, Exports, Energy, Housing and Education – articulated the country’s development targets aligned with EDPRS 2 and Vision 2020.
The Bank provides leasing facilities to already existing clients with projects in the priority sectors. The leasing facility primarily focuses on agricultural plant and machinery for value addition, commercial, construction, industrial, finance, equipment and other leasing services.
The Bank’s financing spurs startups in priority sectors of the economy; and most are not highly capitalized hence the need for BRD to acquire equity stock in the firm as opposed to debt financing. By securing a monetary investment in the entity the bank becomes a part owner of the business.

The Bank provides equity participation in any company provided it does not exceed 25% of the company’s portfolio (with exceptional cases when the company is owned by BRD 100% as a subsidiary). However, the Bank has an exit plan at the maturity of the firm.

In line with its vision to be a financier of development, the Bank intervenes in the Capital Market not for profit making but to meet its mandate of stimulating development of the Rwandan economy.

The Bank offers a variety of guarantee funds to cover the risks of prospective projects that impact to sustainable development. Several of these guarantee funds channeled and managed by the Business Development Fund (BDF) while a few others are granted and managed from other international partners.

Our clients can benefit from guarantees and investment facilities such as Agriculture Guarantee Fund (AGF); Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Guarantee Fund; African Solidarity Guarantee (FSA) and Rural Investment Facility Phase II.

In financing activities aimed at export promotion, the Bank offers trade finance and payment system facilities and instruments to facilitate first class trade support to existing clients as well as provide advisory to prospective investors.

The trade finance instruments include:

5.1 International incoming and outgoing transfers by SWIFT system

  • To fill an appropriate form for international transfers
  • Signed and/or stamped with documents justifying the transfer

5.2 Documentary credits/issuing of Letters of Credit

  • To be an existing client of BRD
  • To have BRD’s loan granted or to provide 100% cash collateral.
  • To fill the application form for Letter of Credit and submit it with proforma invoice or a contract between the buyer and the seller.
BRD offers advisory services and capacity building to its clients (business promoters) faced with challenges of limited skills in terms of compiling their business ideas into bankable business plans and management skills during and after project implementation.

Additionally, the Bank offers extensive capacity building programs in collaboration with the Business Development Fund (BDF) to deliver business development services and training on best business management practices.

Credit lines are facilities provided to finance working capital needs with a ceiling amount on the account during a limited period (less than one year) and can be renewed if need be. The facility can benefit existing projects/businesses.