After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, there were catastrophic results that followed and the bank continues to shoulder a burden of more than 50% of its portfolio constituting non- performing loans consequential from the 1994 genocide.

An amount of loans totaling Rwf6.8 billion, 115 operations; Rwf6.7 billion in 112 lines of credit; Rwf156.4 million in equity shares in 3 productive ventures. The loans were mainly invested in modernization and rehabilitation of ventures to the tune of Rwf13.4 billions, creating an employment of 8,923 people and an added value to the economy of about Rwf8 billion.

The war paralyzed the rural areas and revitalization of the activities after 1994 concentrated in the capital city mainly in the secondary and tertiary sectors. This period was a reorganization and consolidation phase.