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The Young Professional Program (YPP) is a partnership between Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) that provides opportunities for young graduates to gain valuable work experience and eases the transition between school and the workforce.

YPP is an internship program that enables young graduates seeking tangible work experience and are passionate about generating innovative solutions while working in a highly conducive working environment. This contributes significantly to improving employ-ability skills whilst at the same time helping address the human resource constraints.

Please get in touch with the BRD-HR department (via for available opportunities in the Young Professionals Program.

    BRD’s careers list of all the advertised positions and their current status:

Risk Management Expert Re-Advertised
AFIRR – Project Coordinator (1) Shortlisting Level
AFIRR – Investment Officer (2) Shortlisting Level
AFIRR – Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (1) Shortlisting Level
Manager – Recovery Shortlisting Level
Officer – Compliance Shortlisting Level
Senior Financial Advisor – REF Assessment Level
Subsidy Claims and Verification Coordinator – REF Assessment Level
Technology Officer – REF Assessment Level
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer -REF Assessment Level
Investment Officers (REF) Assessment Level
Manager – Agriculture Portfolio Ongoing
Officer – Performance Management On-hold
Business Liaison Administrator On-hold
Chief Risk Officer On-hold
Senior Manager Investment Closed
Senior Housing Finance Advisor Closed
Manager – PR, Marketing and Communications Closed
Civil Engineer – RHFP Closed
Head of Business Development Closed
Manager – Collateral Management Closed
Financial Institutions (FI) Relations Officer Closed
Research Officer Closed
Credit Risk (2) Closed
Student Loan Recovery Strategy Closed
IT Software Developers Closed
IT Business Analyst Closed
Manager – IT Operations Closed
Manager – Energy Portfolio Closed
Manager – Housing & Infrastructure Portfolio Closed
Procurement & Corporate Services Officer Closed
HR Manager Closed
Investment Officers Closed
RHFP Coordinator Closed
Environmental and Social Safeguards Specialist Closed
Officer – Corporate Governance Affairs Closed

Email-only for inquiries (not application):