This phase ensues from the necessity for the Bank to contribute to the recapitalization and the monetization of the rural area, in the increase of the export against of challenges of the Rwandan Economy imposed by the needs of fast and long-lasting growth to fight poverty. In fact more than 90 % of the population lives in the rural area and mainly on agriculture.

In order to enhance the Bank mission of development, in 2005 the Government of Rwanda mandated BRD with a mission to become the “Financier” of Rwanda’s development. Since then BRD has been transforming itself in order to be able to play its crucial role in Rwanda’s development. BRD 2005-2009 Strategic Operating Plan translates BRD mission and vision to become the most profitable bank at the service of poverty reduction.

This big and important role involves a more aggressive approach in the research for the profitable projects and in the creation of new instruments of financing which can serve large number of Rwandese. To do that, the Bank created two additional instruments to diversify its activities and generate products necessary to balance the level of its profitability. These new products concern:

A Microfinance Department and a Leasing Unit opened respectively in 2002 and in 2007.

Due to the BRD 2005 -2009 strategic Operating Plan, the Bank plans to inject Rwf 132 billion in to the Rwandan economy over 2005-2009 and attain a total loan portfolio of Rwf 74 billion by 2009.