Senior Manager, Education Finance

Fred Mugisha is a Senior Manager in the Education Finance Department of the Development Bank of Rwanda. He holds Master of Science in Accounting and Finance Degree (MUK), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management (NUR). He holds a number of certificates including Association of Chartered Accountants certificate (ACCA) for Part 1.

Before joining the Development Bank of Rwanda in November 2015, Fred worked as the Director of Policy, Research and Planning in the Higher Education Council, an agency of the Ministry of Education, Rwanda. Prior to that, he was the Deputy Director General in Rwanda Education Board where he was in charge of students loans for higher education. He also worked the Vice Rector in charge of Administration and Finance, in a public Higher Education Institution in Rwanda (Higher Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry), a position he held from 2008-2011. From 2001-2008, Fred was Lecturer at the National University of Rwanda. Prior to that, he was a Tax Auditor with Rwanda Revenue Authority. Fred has also assumed a number of supplementary leadership roles including being the Deputy Coordinator of Deputy Coordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in ICT Policy and Regulation, Academic Secretary and later Head of Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences, and Management, NUR, and Director, Consultancy Bureau of the National University of Rwanda.

Fred has conducted a number of research studies in the field of taxation, FDI, ICT Policy and Regulation, and higher education. He has also facilitated at several international workshops on ICT policy and Regulation, and higher education (in countries including South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany, The Netherlands, Uganda, Ghana, and USA, and studies on Poverty alleviation in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania).  He participated in research which resulted into the 2013 National Policy governing higher education loans and policies in Rwanda. Fred joined BRD with a passion to support BRD’s vision “to become a world-class finance institution focused on accelerating Rwanda’s economic transformation.”

Fred is also a PhD Candidate in the University of Rwanda as a part time student, working on a research topic entitled “Developing an adaptation model of entrepreneurial university applicable to Rwanda” and an MBA Candidate with the University of Cumbria in the UK.