Alex KANYANKOLEChief Executive Officer
Alex has been at the helm of BRD for the past two years maintaining the Bank’s profitability, compliance with international best practices, and also oversaw the successful transition and split of the Bank into two entities with the formation of the new BRD Commercial Bank (wholly owned by Atlas Mara) …
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Peter RWAMBALAChief Risk Officer
Peter is a dynamic professional and experienced banker, with hands on experience in, Credit management, Enterprise risk management, Relationship Management, Credit and Risk analysis, Financial Management, Procurement and Human resources, people and change management …
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Bosco MKOMBOZI Karake
Bosco MKOMBOZI KarakeChief Internal Auditor
Mkombozi joined BRD in June 2015 as the Chief Internal Auditor. He is Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) with over 10 years post qualification experience in Audit, Accounting, Business Advisory …
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Loyce K. BAMWINECompany Secretary & General Counsel
Loyce K. BAMWINE is a Lawyer by profession, holding a Master’s Degree in Law from Utrecht University, The Netherlands, specializing in International Human Rights and Criminal Justice Law. She has a strong background and experience in …
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Benjamin MANZI
Benjamin MANZISenior Manager, Export Investments
Benjamin is a qualified management trainee with specialization in finance from University of Rwanda.
He has over 10 years of banking experience from commercial and Development banking …
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Juvenal KALEMA
Juvenal KALEMASenior Manager, Agriculture Investments
Juvenal is an economist with a strong background and experience in project and financial analysis, familiar with writing investment strategies, financial analysis and able to multi-task effectively…
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Hector MUTIJIMASenior Manager, Energy Investments
Hector has vast experience working the financial services sector, where he has held senior management posts for the past 12 years, previously with the former Housing Bank of Rwanda, then with the Development Bank of Rwanda…
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Emmanuel MURANGAYISASenior Manager. Information Technology
Emmanuel has a solid theoretical grounding as well as more than 10 years of practical experience in Corporate finance including Accounting & Financial Management, Business planning & Analysis, Controllership & Decision support, …
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Jean Claude ILIBONEYESenior Manager, Credit Administration
Jean Claude joined BRD in June 2006, and has held numerous positions such as Investment Analyst, Head of Disbursement Unit, Head of Bank’s portfolio Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and previously Director of operations…
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Regina MUKAMUSINGASenior Manager, Special Projects & Infrastructure
Prior to her appointment as the Senior Manager in Special Projects & Infrastructure Department, Regina served as the Principle Supervisor and Head of Equity Investment Unit …
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Robert RUNAZISenior Manager, Housing Investment
He joined the Development Bank of Rwanda in 2011 as a projects manager. Until 2015, he was the overseer of one of BRD/Government funded agro-processing company – Kinazi Cassava Plant. Prior to joining BRD, he worked as …
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Fred MUGISHASenior Manager, Education Finance
Fred Mugisha is a Senior Manager in the Education Finance Department of the Development Bank of Rwanda. He holds Master of Science in Accounting and Finance Degree (MUK), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management (NUR) …
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