During the years 1968 to 1970, the Bank was being established and no projects were financed.

In the four years that followed, the Bank recorded major loans on vehicles (pick-ups) and grinding mills. The financing of the vehicles extended all over the country and marked a crucial step towards improving accessibility of goods in the country.

Effective from 1974, the bank embarked on aggressive financing of different sectors of the economy.

An amount of loans totaling Rwf6.6 billion has since been extended to 501 operations, Rwf317 million invested in equity shares with 23 companies, and Rwf6.3 billion in loans to 478 borrowers. This meant an investment impact of about Rwf12.6 billion with a creation of employment opportunities for 8,400 people and cumulative added value of Rwf25.2 billion.

The bank has financed about 80% of the country’s medium and long term loan portfolio in the productive ventures.