The mission of BRD’s risk management is to ensure that the Bank has a robust framework to identify, measure, control/mitigate, and monitor/report all the significant risks to help the Bank achieve the strategic objectives and to provide assurance to the Board of Directors that it is applied consistently across the Bank.
With its new strategic plan and the new business model, the Bank has put in place a new operating model aimed at ensuring sensitivity to risk, creating accountability while undertaking focused investments.

BRD risk philosophy is to manage risks proactively and ensure that all risks fall within the risk tolerance levels as formulated by the Board of Directors.

To execute the risk management process, the following risk management infrastructure is in place: Board of Directors, Board Risk Committees, Risk Management committees, formalized policies and procedures that clearly define and communicate the risk management process and appetite, consistent risk measurement methodologies, comprehensive risk management reports and information technology to satisfy risk information needs throughout BRD.


The Bank recognizes that the way risk is understood and managed has an effect on the attainment of its vision and objectives.
BRD focuses on promoting a strong risk culture throughout the organization with the aim of reinforcing its resilience by encouraging the management of risk and return throughout the organization.

Employees at all levels are encouraged to be responsible for the management and escalation of risks. The Bank expects employees to exhibit behaviors that support a strong risk culture including being fully responsible for the Bank’s risks, being rigorous, being forward-looking and comprehensive in the assessment of risk, inviting, providing and respecting challenges and placing BRD and its reputation at the heart of all decisions.

Benefits of BRD’s compliance function

The benefits generated by the BRD’s compliance function are: good relationship with regulators, avoid fines, best quality of service offered to customers, advise line business management in discharging the bank’s regulatory obligations and an oversight [...]