With the adoption of the new strategic plan (2018 – 2024), the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) Plc has expanded and refocused its mandate on five priority sectors that are envisaged as the key drivers of the Rwandan economy namely Exports, Agriculture, Energy, Affordable Housing and Education.

The Bank has thus selected targeted interventions that both respond to key challenges in these sectors and leverage the Bank’s strengths and positioning as a national development bank. A Special Projects and Infrastructure department was also established to cater for other strategic projects that do not necessarily fall in the above sectors dockets.

The Division of Operations aims at making focused interventions in the above sectors as follows;

Credit Administration and Portfolio Management

The ultimate purpose of the Credit Administration department (CAD) is to ensure the growth of the earning portfolio and to maintain its good quality as such allowing generating sufficient and adequate interest income. This will [...]

Department of Education Finance

The Bank will play an important role in increasing access and improving quality of both basic and tertiary education. This will be achieved through investments in Education projects, Education savings program and efficient management of student [...]

Department of Export Investments

Increasing and diversifying exports is key to Rwanda’s economic transformation and a focus point of the new BRD strategic plan. As the Second Generation of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS II) indicates that [...]

Department of Energy Investments

Access to reliable and affordable energy remains a considerable challenge in Rwanda. For Rwanda’s private sector to be competitive, the energy issue must be addressed as it is a crosscutting driver of economic growth. In [...]

Department of Special Projects and Infrastructure

Under the new Strategic plan of BRD, The management of the Bank decided to create a department that will cater for strategic projects that don’t fall under priority sectors of the Bank. This Department will [...]

Department of Agriculture

Agriculture employs more than 70% of the total population in Rwanda. As outlined under the Vision 2020 and EDPR II targets, agriculture is expected to play a critical role in poverty alleviation efforts and overall [...]