The Human Capital and Corporate Division’s strategic plan is to provide a framework to guide and support BRD achieve its strategic plans through the Talent Management and Administrative support. The salient objective of its strategic plan is to support the Bank improve its efficiency, effectiveness and address its most important issues.

In order to achieve its strategic goals the Bank will migrate from Human Resources Management to Talent Management, which will greatly improve the BRD Human Capital. The Human Capital priorities will be clustered in five components: Talent Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, Compensation and Benefits Management and HR Manual Update.

Nadine Teta Mbabazi

Ms. Nadine Teta Mbabazi serves as the Head of Human Capital and Corporate Services at BRD. Before joining BRD, she served as the Human Resources Manager at Tigo Ltd (now Airtel Rwanda Ltd), for 10 [...]

Administrative Services

The expenditures will be aligned to the growth of business and profitability of the Bank and in compliance with the regulations. During the period 2016-2018, the Bank will upgrade its physical assets (premises, vehicles, equipment, [...]

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the deliberate and systematic coordination of an organization’s people technology, processes, and organizational structure in order to add value through reuse and innovation. Bank’s efforts will be largely concerned with capturing codifying, [...]

Change Management

To manage change, the Bank intends to apply knowledge, tools and resources to leverage the benefits of change, the Bank will adapting and define of corporate strategies, structures, procedures and technologies to deal with changes [...]

Talent Management

Talent Management become a priority for BRD due to a shortage in skilled staff and the Talent Management strategies facilitate the development of both individual staff and the Bank by identifying employees with talent and [...]

The Human Capital priorities

In order the Bank to achieve its strategic goals, the HC & Administration intends to implement initiatives and strategies to harness the unique talents of individual (staff) and covert their talent potential into optimum organization [...]