Under the new Strategic plan of BRD, The management of the Bank decided to create a department that will cater for strategic projects that don’t fall under priority sectors of the Bank. This Department will primarily focus on financing projects that enhance rapid development of infrastructure as well as other strategic projects that will promote economic transformation through Secondary Cities and their respective population in partnership with the government and other stake holders on projects that act as catalysts for development of different parts and sectors of the economy.

KEY Sectors to be financed by DSPI are most especially public infrastructure as well as strategic projects where the government needs financial institution to come in and bridge the Gap where necessary.

The Department of Special projects and Infrastructure is targeting to inject 15Bn Rwandan Francs in different strategic projects that will catalyze quick economic transformation of different parts of the country and return this will help the country in achieving her EDPRS II objectives.

For the Department to be able to achieve all that, we set our objectives as follows;

Work very hard to identify strategic projects like infrastructure development i.e. modern markets, hotels and Restaurants which will help the bank to fulfill its mandate and at the same time help the government achieves some of its main objectives of reducing unemployment rate.
The department will be very keen to finance projects that enhance financial Inclusion i.e. MFI’s which demonstrate will of giving loans to new clients. Emphasizing on this aspect will help in increasing number of new entrepreneurs who help in accelerating growth of the economy.
The department will also be very keen to create liaison with potential stakeholders so that potential investors find it easy to access to information on how and what it takes to access finance from BRD.