The Development Bank of Rwanda is Rwanda’s only National Development Bank mandated to support Rwanda’s development goals. Over the last year, the bank has undergone substantial re-organization aimed at positioning it as a “world class finance institution focused on accelerating Rwanda’s economic transformation”.


In order to achieve this vision, the bank’s new strategic plan (2016-2020) has outlined 4 key strategic themes;

To help accomplish this ambitious and exciting vision, The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) would like to recruit suitable qualified staff to the following positions:



Duties and Responsibilities

Job requirements

Senior Manager (Agriculture Investment)

(1 Staff)


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  Coordination of the Department Activities;

  To formulate policies, strategies and procedures destined to agriculture projects financing;

  Developing and maintaining effective strategic and operational relationships with key stakeholders in agriculture sector;

  Taking a proactive role in the formulation of future strategic objectives for agriculture project development;

  Ensuring that strategic and annual activities planning are in accordance with the national agriculture policy;

  To advise the CEO on any matter related to the activities of the department;

  Develop and ensure a good relationship with the borrowers;

  Review the project proposal from borrowers & ensure that only viable projects are approved for financing;

  Organize and plan the possible actions relating to the technical assistance by the Bank to the projects;

  To ensure the proper management of human and physical resources provided to the department;

  Ensure regular monitoring of the projects in progress and attend to issues which could hinder good performance of  those projects;

  Identification of priority area and new opportunities

  Update the agriculture sector performance evaluation;

  Master degree in agricultural economics, or development, or related fields or Bachelors of Degree in project management, Finance, Economics, Banking / Agronomy/ Agricultural economics/ Agribusiness

  5 years of experience in a senior position in a Bank.

Senior Manager – Education Finance

(1 Staff)


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  Responsible for planning and controlling the department’s resources, ensuring the timely formulation of the annual work plan and budget for the department;

  Direct and oversee the establishment and operation of efficient and effective systems and processes by which education funds come into the Department, get disbursed to institutions in different geographical locations and for their collection;

  Direct & oversee the establishment of proper loan record keeping systems, financial accounting & reporting systems;

  Develop and communicate the department’s operating policies and procedures;

  Accountable for the financial performance of the Education Finance Department against budget, ensuring submission of quarterly financial reports and other management reports as maybe required by the Chief Investment Officer and or the Chief Executive Officer;

  Manage all other aspects of the department’s operations and maintain responsibility for the overall performance of the team in order to meet the strategic objectives of the Bank and the Government of Rwanda;

  Ensure robust controls are in place for financial propriety and to safeguard the funds;

  Work closely with all the stakeholders who are part of the Education Finance Agreement to establish strong beneficial partnerships, which are necessary to support the effective delivery of the Agreement goals and objectives;

  Work closely with the legal team to develop an appropriate governance and regulatory framework that ensures a high level of accuracy in loan documentation and record keeping;

  Responsible for designing relevant performance indicators to monitor and measure the success of the 2 most critical processes 1) loan disbursement and 2) loan collection;

  Responsible for the development of staff in the department, for coaching and for promoting a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, focus on results and quality (accuracy).

  Masters degree in Economics, Education, Business or related subject.

  A minimum of 6 years of relevant work experience in working within the education financing sector or other sector dealing with education strategy and policy

Senior Legal Officer – Recovery

 (1 Staff)


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·  Reach out to defaulting clients and negotiate with them the way to execute their contractual obligations and fast track repayment of loans (loan workouts);

·  Preparing and providing relevant notices to defaulting clients compelling them to discharge their contractual obligations as borrowers;

·  Engaging all stakeholders (internal and external) and ensure their contribution to effective loan recovery;

·  Ensuring technical assessment of the legal disputes and court submission from external lawyers to protect the Bank interests in any legal proceedings;

·  Managing legal recovery cases and supervising the Banks’s external legal counsels;

·  Closely follow up on court proceedings at different levels & representing the Bank in Courts of law;

·  Follow up and ensure proper and timely execution of court decisions involving the bank;

·  Coordination of all activities of the Workouts and Legal Recovery unit;

·  Advising Management on all legal processes involving legal recovery; and

·  Preparing reports regarding Workouts and Legal Recovery Unit and submit to relevant organs of the bank.

·  Masters’ Degree in Business Law or a related field, with a post graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

·  A minimum of 7 years’ experience in a senior position with a minimum of 4 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer.

IT Specialist

(1 Staff)


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·    Create ways to store, organize, and present data.

·    Work with businesses and managers to identify user needs.

·    Perform complex technical, analytical and professional services involving program/member services, evaluation, database-driven Web sites, office operations.

·    Administer a variety of database systems including Microsoft SQL Server, Filemaker Pro, and others.

·    Maintain and administer Web server and middleware tools.

·    Set up new computer databases.

·    Integrate old systems data with new system.

·    Test and coordinate modifications.

·    Assume the technical lead for SQL Server and online database projects.

·    Create high-level reporting systems.

·    Audit, modify, and amend data in systems using SQL commands, hand-editing, and bulk import.

·    Troubleshoot and correct issues as they arise.

·    Ensure system is running smoothly.

·    Plan and coordinate security measures alongside network administrators.

·    Enhance or build database designs.


·  A Bachelors degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline

·  Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar database administrative role

Investments Officer

(1 Staff)


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·  Identification of new opportunities;

·  Ensuring that PFIs (Participating Financial Institutions) have dedicated investment officers focused on the REF portfolio and adequate procedures that meet the REF (Renewable Energy Fund) OM (Operations Manual) requirements;

·  Provide technical information to PFIs related to their REF related portfolios and provide advice and guidance to PFIs on details on using and managing REF tranches;

·  Review the portfolio to be refinanced ensuring that the eligibility criteria in OM have been met and specify the refinancing amount and terms and conditions;

·  Review the utilization of funds by a PFI to confirm that the OM requirements were followed for any new tranches;

·  Prepare periodic reports on respective PFI portfolios and REF utilization.

·  A Bachelor’s degree in finance, management, accounting, economics or related discipline

·  Minimum of 4 years of work experience in project finance or investments

·  Strong financial, credit, structuring, and monitoring skills


Technology Officer

(IT Specialist)

(1 Staff)


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·  Conduct technical due diligence of mini-grid and off-grid investment proposals providing input on technical configuration and life cycle costs;

·  Prepare terms of reference (TORs) and recruit consultants for more in-depth technical evaluations and technical due diligence of these investment proposals. Supervise consultants and serve as liaison between Investment Officers and consultants;

·  Supervise investment projects during engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation;

·  Advise M&E and Safeguards Officers in relevant technical aspects of mini-grid and off-grid project oversight;

·  Monitor secondary market for used equipment and relevant technology developments to provide analytical support for credit terms and ongoing portfolio valuations;

·  Maintain relationships with other donors and development partners engaged in mini-grid and off-grid development;

·  Assist in outreach meetings with stakeholders at national and local level, and with developers and businesses to promote off-grid and mini-grid financing opportunities under the REF.

·  Assist in preparing requests for off-grid and mini-grid investment proposals for REF financing. Maintain close relationships with relevant technology providers at a national and international level;

· The Technology Officer may be called upon to undertake several other support activities. While the Technology Officer may not necessarily provide such services directly, he/she will assist in assessing needs, recruiting and supervising consultants.




·  Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related subject.

·  At least 5 years of relevant work experience in the off-grid and mini-grid sectors and/or in rural electrification, especially solar stand-alone systems, and/or hydro or solar PV mini-grids.

·  Professional/Chartered Engineer qualification would be advantageous.

Legal Officer (1 Staff)


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·  Support the coordination of the Bank’s legal function and external parties for implementation of the REF program;

·  Prepare various legal documentation including transaction documentation designed to protect the interests of the Bank as lender, borrower, co-lender, service user or provider;

·  Negotiate legal documents with the Bank’s legal counter-parties and under the guidance of Management and in line with the REF guiding principles;

·  Provide legal advice to management and staff in all areas relating to the REF activities and proffering solutions to legal problems, constraints, risks, options, consequences and approaches;

·  Review legal documentation prepared for the Bank or arising from the work of the Bank on the REF;

·  Provide advisory opinion on the REF implementation;

·  Represent the Bank internally and externally in negotiation, disputes, consultations and other proceedings that require legal representation

·  Participation in legal aspects of the REF and its lending operations including loan administration.

·  Masters’ degree in Law and a professional qualification in a related discipline;

·  A minimum of 5 years in contract drafting/reviewing, with sound knowledge of both common and civil laws systems and experience working in the Financial Services industry.



(1 Staff)


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·  Reconcile the General Ledger Accounts and prepare necessary adjustments;

·  Prepare withdrawal applications for funds request;

·  Maintain the GL within the stipulated bank policy;

·  Maintain a controlled chart of accounts that allows for adequate reporting in line with REF objectives;

·  Reconcile the Designated bank accounts;

·  Generate  reports to the REF Management, Steering Committee, BRD Management and all stakeholders;

·  Prepare, file and initiate the payment process for all REF Drawdowns and keep up-to-date records;

·  Reconcile Creditors/debtors accounts with their respective statements;

·  Prepare schedules of analysis for expenses, income, assets and liabilities;

·  Closely works with all PFIs to enhance data collection, treatment and reporting.

·  Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance;

·  CAT graduate is an asset;

·  At least 2 years’ post-qualification experience;


Financial Reporting Officer

(1 Staff)


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·  Prepare periodic financial statements, including budgets, cash flows, forecast, variance analysis &commentaries;

·  Provide a support service by working with all departments & the management team to help make financial decisions;

·  Ensure expenditures are kept in line with the budget;

·  Informing key strategic decisions and formulating business strategies;

·  Analyze financial performance and contribute to medium and long-term business planning;

·  Offer professional judgement on financial matters and advise on ways of improving business performance;

·  Interpret and communicate financial data to non-financial managers;

·  Monitor and evaluate financial information systems and suggest improvements where needed;

·  Implement corporate governance procedures and risk management

·  Manage   the   process   for   data   collection   and   analysis;   including   coordinating   closely   with   the   relevant   stakeholders   for   data   planning, and collection for monitoring purposes;

·  Provide  periodic  reports  of development   impacts assessment, thematic and or by REF active window in close coordination with other external relevant stakeholders;

·  Enhance internal controls

·  A Masters degree in Accounting or Finance with at least 3 years at managerial level in the finance function

·  or a Bachelor’s dregree in Accounting or Finance with at least 5 years at managerial level;

·  Fully qualified in accounting profession with a recognised institute (ACCA, CPA and CIMA);

Credit Risk Officer

(1 Staff)


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·  Provide  the REF Project Manager with support covering the credit strategy, portfolio management, policies, procedures, processes and products;

·  Coordinate & oversee the collection of supporting information and evidence documentation for formal verification processes;

·  Support & liaise with the Financial Reporting Officer on the design and delivery of fit for purpose information to ensure accurate and consistent REF portfolio reporting;

·  Assess & maintain oversight of the credit risk quality by analysing the management information produced & sanctioning verifications;

·  Analyse and test compliance to conditions of sanction, monitoring and control, etc. to maintain the quality of the credit risk profile of the portfolios per REF window;

·  Develop appropriate aggregation models for assessing and reporting on a REF window portfolio basis by assessing exposure of credit risk.

·  A Masters” degree in Business Administration, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Statistics or related field with at least 3 years in the financial services sector, risk management,

·  or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Statistics or related field with at least 5 years in the financial services sector or risk management.


Environmental & Social Safeguard Specialist

(1 Staff)


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·  Work with other departments to ensure that appropriate resources and capacity are deployed to effectively cover the safeguards policies of projects in preparation and implementation;

·  Support the design and implementation of operations, ensuring that the financed projects and other activities are social and environmentally sustainable and comply with the Bank’s social and environmental safeguards policies and internationally recognized best practices;

·  Identify all key potential social and environmental impacts and risks of a project and lead the monitoring of safeguards policy compliance of projects during preparation and implementation;

·  Design and incorporate safeguard plans and feasible measures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate the adverse environmental and social impacts;

·  Supervise projects to ensure implementation of mitigation measures; 

·  Identify and report on projects with high safeguards sensitivity;

·  Develop and administer safeguard training to staff and technical assistance (TA) and capacity building to existing and potential customers;

·  Ensure that the client understands the applicable safeguard policies, guidelines and project-specific requirements, and has the necessary commitment and capacity to manage social and environmental impacts and/or risks adequately; 

·  Identify and advise on areas of work beyond safeguards where safeguards and environmental sustainability may be catalyzers for new lending products;

·  Contribute significantly to advocacy, dissemination and knowledge building with regard to the Bank’s environmental and safeguard policies.

· Advanced degree (Masters or equivalent) in engineering, environmental management, environmental sciences or related field;

· At least 5 years of relevant experience in working with private sector firms across industry sectors (including energy generation, infrastructure, agribusiness, and/or manufacturing);        



Application Guidelines:

Interested candidate should apply on line (  ) and upload an application letter accompanied by copies of relevant educational/professional certificates together with a detailed Curriculum Vitae (C.V.). Only applications on line shall be considered.

Email: (for only inquiries)

Address all applications to the Chief Human Capital and Administrative Services of the Development Bank of Rwanda.

Deadline for application: Friday, November 17, 2017, 05:00 pm.

Details of the job descriptions are posted are posted on the BRD website:

The employment package is highly competitive/attractive.

Only candidates with the right qualifications and relevant experience shall be shortlisted and contacted for an interview.


Done in Kigali, the November 07, 2017