To be an innovative and sustainable provider of development finance for socio-economic impact

A trusted strategic partner for Rwanda’s development that offers financial solutions for enhanced value to our stakeholders.

Strategic Pillars

For the bank to achieve its transformation role in Rwanda’s economy,  the Bank’s new strategic plan (2018-2024) outlines three (3) key strategic themes:

  1. Operational Excellence: Continuous improvement of our credit and risk management system, financial performance and customer services.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships to deliver our mandate is a key component of our core activities.
  3. Dynamic Culture: Continuously improving our pool of knowledge to have the most competent and skilled employees.

Core values

  • Passionate: We love what we do, we are driven, we are willing to go the extra-mile to accomplish tasks. Bringing passion and positive energy to teams with a winning spirit
  • Innovate: Applying creative solutions to challenges and to take advantages of opportunities. Unleashing in effect unleashing the full potential of staff. Embrace continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
  • Excellence: High performance culture by applying the highest standard of professionalism and excellence in everything that we do.
  • Integrity: High work ethic to ensure we are trusted by our clients. Treat clients with dignity and respect. Allow our clients to define quality clients are accorded priority.
  • Accountable: Being purpose driven and willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions. Display reliability and consistency by delivering what we promised, when promised.

Delivering on mandate – the essence of BRD’s strategy

BRD has set a new course as a purely development focused national development bank. The new vision to “accelerate broad based, sustainable economic transformation and prosperity creation” makes this new mandate clear. To achieve this vision, BRD has articulated four strategic themes:

  • Focused Investments and Growth – The bank will ensure that it makes investments that are aligned with this strategy and focus areas. And in order to make investments that are sustainable, BRD will ensure that such investments are profitable and facilitate its growth.
  • Building strong partnerships — In order to achieve its development goals, BRD will use every opportunity to build strong and varied partnerships.
  • Maximize Development Impact – At the center of everything that the bank will do is the idea that it must facilitate and generate development impact, in Rwanda and the region. BRD will ensure that this strategic objective is embedded in all its interventions.
  • Increased resource mobilization — In line with the expectations around its development mandate, BRD will more mobilize resources to fund this ambitious strategy. The bank’s financial resources will always be a small fraction of the financing needs of Rwanda’s transformation. The bank will explore options for attracting more investments from new funders and donors, including DFIs, pension funds, impact investors.

Building on this new vision, a new mission and clear priorities centered on five priority sectors have been articulated. These will all be driven by embracing a set of five fundamental values:

  • Pragmatic: BRD will catalyze development finance while keeping a business mindset.
  • Focused: BRD will focus on key high impact flagship interventions since the needs are many but resources are few.
  • Innovative: BRD will structure interventions to achieve more impact with fewer resources.
  • Engaged: BRD will deliberately share new direction and manage expectations of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Inclusive: BRD will deliver broad based development for all Rwandans especially those under-served by commercial banks and a special focus on women and youth.

The Banks’s new mission will be achieved by focused interventions in five priority sectors. These will include investments to:

  • accelerate export development;
  • catalyze agricultural financing;
  • promote affordable housing;
  • manage and facilitate financing for education loans; and
  • increase investments in energy development.

BRD will address these priority sectors by embracing a: pragmatic, focused, innovative, engaged and inclusive approach that prioritizes women, youth and other under-served groups.

BRD Organization Chart