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MINICOM, BRD launch the Export Growth Facility (EGF) to drive export growth

By | March 10th, 2016|latest-news, press-release|

Rwanda currently faces an uphill task to grow its exports and reverse the widening trade deficit, which if not checked is likely to hamper government from achieving the set 28 per cent export growth target in EDPRS2 by 2018. Data released by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) in the third quarter of [...]

Student loans & bursaries scheme

By | December 31st, 2015|Student loan|

In October 2015, the Government of Rwanda gave the mandate of management of students’ loans and bursaries to BRD in compliance with the provisions of Law No 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing student loans and bursaries in Rwanda. This role was previously undertaken by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). The cardinal principle of BRD taking over [...]


By | July 29th, 2015|impact|

BRD Ltd has priority in housing finance, reaching clients get hold of opportunities in housing, mortgage finance

Growth and Innovation phase (2000-2009)

By | May 4th, 2015|our-history|

This phase ensues from the necessity for the Bank to contribute to the recapitalization and the monetization of the rural area, in the increase of the export against of challenges of the Rwandan Economy imposed by the needs of fast and long-lasting growth to fight poverty. In fact more than 90 % of the population lives [...]

Post-Genocide phase (1995-2000)

By | June 4th, 2014|our-history|

After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, there were catastrophic results that followed and the bank continues to shoulder a burden of more than 50% of its portfolio constituting non- performing loans consequential from the 1994 genocide. An amount of loans totaling Rwf6.8 billion, 115 operations; Rwf6.7 billion in 112 lines of credit; Rwf156.4 million in [...]

Maturity phase (1988 – 1994)

By | February 4th, 2014|our-history|

During this period, the Bank disbursed loans totaling: Rwf4. 6 billion in 873 lines of credit; Rwf84.5 million in equity shares in 7 productive ventures. It generated an investment volume of Rwf15.7 billion with a creation of employment for 9,094 people and value added to the economy of Rwf8, 5 billion. The priority areas for [...]

Establishment and development phase (1968 – 1987)

By | May 4th, 2013|our-history|

During the years 1968 to 1970, the Bank was being established and no projects were financed. In the four years that followed, the Bank recorded major loans on vehicles (pick-ups) and grinding mills. The financing of the vehicles extended all over the country and marked a crucial step towards improving accessibility of goods in the [...]