The Development Bank of Rwanda Plc (BRD) calls upon all new students for intake 2020/21 who were approved for students loans by Higher Education Council (HEC), to pay attention to the following conditions to be able to register in the Education Finance Management Information System (EFMIS): 

  1. To have their personal National ID
  2. To have their telephone number/sim card registered in their own names and ID
  3. The correctbank account should be in the student’s own names as on ID 
  4. Remember to sign the contract electronicallyafter following all the steps as shown on the registration user guide video found on (where you see a student’s photo) 
  5. To have the referee’s ID

In order to serve you better, please note:  

  1. Registering with BRD is not enoughto guarantee your living allowance unless you register with your Campus as well. 
  2. Double check all details before submitting. All requirements mustbe correctly fulfilled. 
  3. Students in RP should have completed their registration in EFMIS by 15thMarch 2021 
  4. Students in UR should have completed their registration in EFMIS by 26thMarch 2021 

In case you meet any challenges, please write an email to  


Chief Executive Officer 


Bank y’Amajyambere y’u Rwanda Plc (BRD) iramenyesha abanyeshuli bashya ba 2020-21 bemerewe n’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Amashuri Makuru (HEC) inguzanyo yo kwiga;  kwita kuri ibi bikurikira mu gihe buzuza amasezerano muri sisiteme ya EFMIS: 

  1. Kuba afite irangamuntu ye bwite 
  2. Kuba afite numero ya telefoni/Simukadi imubaruyeho bijyanye n’irangamuntu 
  3. Konti ya banki yawe nyayo yanditse ku mazina yawe bwite ahuye n’irangamuntu 
  4. Kwibuka gusinya amasezerano mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga nyuma yogukurikiriza amabwiriza yose nkuko bigaragara muri videwo y’imfashanyigisho mwasanga kuri  (ahagaragara ifoto y’umunyeshuri) 
  5. Kuba afite irangamuntu y’umwishingizi 

Icyitonderwa kugirango turusheho kunoza serivisi tubaha : 

  1. Kwiyandikisha muri sisiteme ya BRD ntibihagije kubona inguzanyo yawe igihe cyose utariyandikisha ku kigo wigamo 
  2. Ongera usome neza mbere yo kohereza urebe ko ibisabwa byujujwe neza 
  3. Abanyeshuri biga muri RP/IPRCs barasabwa kuba biyandikishije bitarenze tariki ya 15/03/2021 
  4. Abanyeshuri biga muri UR barasabwa kuba biyandikishije bitarenze tariki ya 26/03/2021 

Uwagira ikibazo yatwandikira kuri  


Turasaba abanyeshuri bakeya basigaye ba UR na RP bigira ku nguzanyo ya Leta, by’umwihariko abari kuri uru rutonde ruvuguruye rwatanzwe, baziko bataruzuza amasezerano y’inguzanyo muri system (EFMIS) ya BRD Education, kubikora byihuse.

Twibutse ko abatarujuje amasezerano ntibemerewe kubona buruse.

Abakozi ba Campus bashinzwe imibereho myiza y’abanyeshuri (Deans/Welfare) bafatanije n’abakozi ba BRD barakomeza kubafasha.
Umunyeshuri uhuye n’imbogamizi yatwandikira kuri

NEW STUDENTS for Higher Education

Congratulations! While waiting for your USERNAMES and PASSWORDS, get conversant with the BRD EFMIS with the guide to complete student information.” Please keep checking your emails.

Click on the link below for



  1. A student should be on the REB List within the System.
  2. Should have a valid email already registered in the system (for ongoing students, a new password will be sent to the email provided by the student during the singing of contract with BRD).
  3. For ongoing student, a student without a valid email address should send a message to to be guided on the way forward. He/she should provide a telephone number, Registration number and College name.
  4. A student with a valid email registered in the system will receive a username and password through his/her email.

Request to employers to comply with the law nº 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing the student loans and bursaries

Request to employers to comply with the law nº 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing the student loans and bursaries

Pursuant to the provisions of the law nº 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing the student loans and bursaries, employers having staff who benefited from the student loans scheme have a duty to inform the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), a financial institution that has been mandated by the Government to manage the student loan scheme, in writing about their staff who benefited from student loans. The announcement in attachment serves to kindly request the employers to fill the form also attached and submit it to BRD through in PDF, or submitted to BRD, Education Finance offices, located at Muhima KN2 Av34.

For more information on the process to be followed please refer to the announcement below:



The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) wishes to request all employers having staff who have benefited from the student loans scheme from 1980 to comply with the law nº 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing the student loans and bursaries. Therefore, BRD requests the concerned employers and staff members the following:


Tender Nº: 004/03/2021/BRD/HC&CS/CS


The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) Plc needs to procure 10 licenses of Homer PRO Software from well-established, qualified and financially viable companies.In this regard, the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) invites the interested and potential companies to submit their bids for the above-mentioned services according to the technical specification detailed in the tender document.

The participation to the competition is open on equal conditions to all companies specialized in the field. The delivery period will be two (2) weeks maximum counted from date of contract signature by both parties. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures specified in the Procurement User Manual of BRD dated December 2016.

The Tender document in English may be obtained from procurement office from, Wednesday, 31st March 2021 during office hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Local time) upon presentation of proof of payment of a non-refundable fee of Twenty Thousand (20,000 Frw) deposited on the account Nº 593412700910118 of BRD opened in BPR part of Atlas Mara. 

Well bound and sealed bids presented in 3 hard copies, one of which marked “Original” and 2 hard copies marked “Copy” of the bids. The Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days and should be submitted in BRD procurement office at the address BRD, PO BOX 1341, Kigali Rwanda, not later than Thursday,  8th April 2021, at 10:00am local time.

The bids will be immediately opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who wish to attend the opening session in BRD meeting room on ground floor. Please note that the bids will be put in an envelope bearing the name, the address of the prospective bidder and title which will be marked as follows:

Purchase of 10 licenses of homer pro software


Enquiries regarding this tender may be addressed in writing to:

Development Bank of Rwanda,

P.O. Box 1341 Kigali Rwanda and copying to the



Head of Human Capital and Corporate Services


Chief Executive Officer


RE-ADVERTISEMENT Tender Nº: 002/02/2021/BRD/HC&CS/CS 

ProjectRwanda Housing Finance Project (RFHP) 

Assignment TitleRequest for Expression of Interest (EOI) for hiring Senior Housing Finance Advisor 

Procurement Approach: Individual consultant  

  1. Background:  

The Rwanda Housing Finance Project (RHFP) a US$150million five-year project, aims to expand access to housing finance to households and to support capital market development in Rwanda. To address structural challenges in the Rwandan housing finance market, the project helps develop the financial system’s institutional framework and build capacity to facilitate financial intermediation beyond the banking sector. The project is operating within three  components: (1): Provision of Long-term Finance to Expand Housing Finance (US$117 million equivalent), and (2): Technical Assistance and Implementation Support (US$3 million equivalent) and (2): Provision of infrastructure subsidy to affordable housing projects  (US$30 million equivalent) 

To strengthen the implementation the project. BRD has an established Special Projects Implementation Unit (SPIU) which plays an active implementation role in the projects implemented by BRD. For quick and smooth implementation of Rwanda Housing Finance Project, technical competency is very key, and it is this regard that BRD seeks to recruit  a senior Housing Finance Advisor to offer expertise to the Project Implementation Unit to improve project performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structuring of transactions other strategic guidance to enable  the project achieve the  Project Development objective (PDO). 

  1. Objective of the assignment: 

The objective of this assignment is to support the operations of the project  in assessment of  PFIs to fulfil eligibility criteria to be able to participate in the project, provide strategic support to the RHFP in assessing financial institutions to collaborate under the project, build capacity of Staff under BRD’s RHFP in implementation of the project, support the capacity building component of RHFP, offer technical assistance on the subsidy component of the project  to ensure the required optimal utilization of the subsidy and  offer support in monitoring and evaluation of implementation of the project. The Consultant will also support in the operationalization of Rwanda Mortgage Refinance Company in fulfilling the functions of RHFP. 

  1. Scope of work and key deliverable (Task) per project component  
  1. Component 1: Provision of Long-term Finance to Expand Housing Finance 
  • Task 1: Strategic guidance to the Project Implementation Unit (will be done within 12 months of the consultancy period). For detailed activities refer to the terms of reference. 
  • Task 2: assist in eligibility and on-going eligibility assessment of PFI’s (to be done within 12 months of the consultancy period)For detailed activities refer to the terms of reference. 
  • Task 3: Understand RHFP objectives and design, and: Evaluate lending policies and procedures of PFIs and modifications required to align to the Project Implementation Manual of RHFP (to be done within 12 months of the consultancy period). For detailed activities refer to the terms of reference. 
  1. Component 2 Technical Assistance and Implementation Support  
  • Capacity building of PFI staff, RHFP Staff and RMRC Staff involved in the RHFP, offer required technical assistance on the procurement activities of the component (to be done within 12 months of consultancy services with BRD  

Main Task:  Deliver training modules to all PFIs, BRD, and RMRC including monitoring and evaluation reporting, and support development of ToRs for various procurement activities under RHFP and monitoring of their execution. This shall also include any assignment related to the Implementation of the Project that may be assigned to the Senior Housing Finance Advisor by the immediate supervisor or the Management of the Bank.   For detailed activities refer to the terms of reference 

  1. Component 3Provision of infrastructure subsidy to affordable housing projects   

Main Task: Offer strategic guidance in the utilization of the subsidy by developers, technical assistance in the delivery of the subsidy i.e Procurement-based, reimbursement and other delivery mechanisms that may developed in future, assist in M&E assignments of the component.   

Other job requirements are detailed in the terms of reference. 

  1. Experience: 

The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) now invites individual consultant (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are:  

  1. A Master’s Degree in finance, business administration, economics, project management, or other related field from a recognized University/Institution. Qualification in Housing Finance gives an added advantage. 
  1. Demonstrated experience in managing housing finance projects in developing countries or developing strategic housing finance projects of a similar scale financed by the World Bank or other International Developing Partners.  
  1. Minimum ten (10) years of relevant experience in project and program management in housing finance. 
  1. Experience of underwriting in financial sector.   
  1. Demonstrated experience in carrying out multi-stakeholder consultations, engagement and management. 
  1. Evidence of at least one successfully implemented new product roll out in housing finance area.    
  1. Capability of demonstrating multidisciplinary approach of housing finance project management. 
  1. Experience in designing and delivering large scale capacity building programs for Financial Institutions. 
  1. Duration of the contract 

The contract duration will be one (1) year and may be renewed upon satisfactory performance with a written mutual consent of both parties  

  1. Selection process  

Candidates will be selected using the selection based on Consultant’s Specific Qualifications method. Shortlisted candidates will be assessed through experience and qualifications.  

All Interested Consultants are invited to collect from BRD website ( and the full Terms of Reference for this assignment and address their expression of interest with detailed CV showing how the bidder meet the requirement.  

Further clarification can be requested through the following email addresses:, copying during office hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Local time). 

 The expression of interest should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Development Bank of Rwanda on the following address: and copying to the not later than Monday5th April 2021 at 5:00pm Kigali time.  

Done at Kigali, March 19th, 2021 

Currently, there is no notice.