During the course of the year 2015, Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) concluded its restructuring process to align the bank’s operations and management to its new expanded and refocused mandate of a purely Development Finance Institution (DFI) following the disposal of the commercial retail banking activities (equivalent to 31% of its business)  to Atlas Mara Co-Invest Ltd.

BRD also took over the management of the national student loan fund from Rwanda Education Board. These two developments also necessitated a new organization structure that can deliver the bank’s expanded mandate as a catalyst for Rwanda’s economic development.

As a first step into this journey of change, the bank, with deep stakeholder consultations, elaborated a five-year strategic plan (2016-2020) that fully aligns with the priority sectors of the economy.  The key sectors of focus include agriculture; export promotion; affordable housing; energy; and education.

This strategy is underpinned by four strategic themes – focused investments and growth; creation of strong partnerships; maximization of the development impact; and strong resource mobilization.