Agriculture & Livestock
supporting the Rwandan Agricultural transformation through financing value added projects
Real Estate & Housing
Providing long term on-lending to individual mortgages, private real estate developers and the innovative product ’GIRA ICUMBI’
Hotels &Tourism
We are the leading financier of investments such as Hotels that have contributed to the growth of the tourism sector in Rwanda
Education and Health care
Supporting social infrastructural development such as schools to ensure a brighter future for Rwanda
Energy & Water
BRD finances private sector investments to significantly increase energy supply

23-September-2015 .::BRD secures $10m facility from AFREXIMBANK to increase its lending capacity to the private sector
Cairo (Egypt), 22nd September 2015 – The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) has entered into a US$10 million facility agreement with the African Export-Import Bank (AFREXIMBANK) to boost the Bank’s lending to the private sector. The signing ceremony... read more

18-August-2015 .::BRD in partnership with private developers to provide affordable housing solutions
Kigali, 18th August 2015 – In exclusive interview with the Rwandan English daily, The New Times, the Chief Executive Officer of Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), Alex Kanyankole unveiled a new initiative to be implemented by the Bank to raise funds... read more

13-August-2015 .::BRD scoops best exhibitor in Banks at Expo 2015
Kigali, 13th August 2015 – Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) emerged the overall best exhibitor in the Banking category at the just-concluded 2015 International trade fair that was organized by the Private Sector Federation (PSF) and the Ministry of... read more


Gira Icumbi Account

All you need to know about the BRD Gira Icumbi Account... Your Dream home is now within your reach

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Lending Conditions

Do you need financial support for your business idea? BRD loans boost investments that help improve lives. Find all the information on criteria to access a BRD loan.

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Quick Facts about BRD

Find answers to commonly received inquiries or questions about BRD in the context of providing better understanding of BRD's products and service offerings, corporate profile as well as general functions.

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